Welcome to ALOS PALSAR Dissemination Service


Service News

This service provides online access to ALOS PALSAR data to ESA registered users.

Further details on the service and data access can be found on the ALOS PALSAR User manual

You can browse and search the available data by clicking the Collections button also without login.

Web Access:

Clicking the "Collections" button on the main page, the web interface shows the list of available datasets and allows, for each dataset, data navigation and selection by:

  • Tree view: Depending on the data, the products are organised in a folder tree by path/row or acquisition date
  • Filename: Allows to filter, with wildcards, products based on the filename
  • Advanced search: Allows geographical search by bounding box and metadata filtering

For further information, please also read the ALOS PALSAR FAQ

For further assistance, please contact EOHelp@esa.int